Can movers store your stuff for you? How much will it cost? And how do you find the best moving company with temporary storage near you?

Just as important as finding the best Johannesburg movers, you might also need to have your belongings stored during the moving process. And you want to ensure it’ll be kept safely and securely, at a good price, and that you’re covered, in case something goes wrong.

The good news is that your trusted local and national movers can definitely help you take care of all of that. Here’s how:

Moving companies with temporary storage near me

Can movers hold your stuff against your will?

The best part is that you can get both moving services and movers to store your stuff anywhere in the country. At JHB Removals, for example, we move and store your stuff from Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria to anywhere in South Africa – and vice versa.

So you can book any move, even long-distance, with storage at our Johannesburg movers services, Pretoria movers, as well as movers Centurion and any of our Gauteng movers.

Yes. SA law says that movers are responsible for your goods from the moment they pick them up at your current premises to the moment you sign off on their delivery at the new one. Not only that, but the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) says that the mover is directly responsible, meaning if something is damaged, you don’t even have to deal with an insurer, you deal directly with the mover.

​At reputable moving companies like JHB Removals, for example, we not only take every precaution to safeguard your precious belongings (secure wrapping & protective packaging, with extra care and special treatment), but we also take full responsibility for your goods and offer ideal peace-of-mind movers’ insurance.

Storage options for your belongings

Yes! Most definitely. A reputable mover will be able to store your stuff and provide all the security and assurance you need to rest easy knowing it’s all being taken care of. 

At JHB Removals, for example, storing your stuff at ultra-secure premises with 24-hour security, electrified fencing and the latest high-tech security is one of our core services alongside packing, transport, home removals and we even organise your moving insurance for you – so you’re protected on every front.

No. A trusted and reputable moving company will never, ever hold your belongings against your will. It’s not legal or moral, and, if this ever happens, you should know that you’re not dealing with a moving company, but unscrupulous scammers. You can phone the police and get legal help if this ever happens.

​That’s why it’s so important to please, please, please always deal with a reputable moving company – find reliable & trusted Johannesburg movers.

As long as you require. You’re the boss in this department, so you choose! Movers just offer to store your stuff for as long as you need it. So you’re in control – anything from days to weeks to months, whatever you require.

Can Movers Store Your Stuff ​& How Much Does it Cost?

How much does it cost for a movERS to store your stuff?

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Choose from:

  • Self-storage units with your own lock & key, with all your belongings, inventoried, listed, and clearly labeled, so you always know exactly where everything is.

  • Various sizes of managed storage space are available for every need and budget, from small options to large storage spaces – just ask!

  • Mini storage options are great for getting a good price, and we make it possible by letting you only pay for the space you need!

And these options are available anywhere in South Africa, with 24-hour security, electric fencing and the latest security technology. PLUS: We provide insurance, so you’re always protected.


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Can movers store your stuff?

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How long will movers hold your stuff?

How to get super-safe & secure storage, at the best possible prices, knowing all your belongings are insured & protected. Our team finds out: Can movers store your stuff for you? How much will it cost? And finding a moving company with temporary storage near you

Storage in South Africa normally costs anywhere from R270 upwards per month per square meter. But at JHB Removals, we want to give you an even better service. That’s why we help you organise storage at daily pro-rata rates – so you only pay per day, and only for the time you’re using storage, not the whole month!

That drops the price way down. And all you have to do to get the special rate for our movers to store your stuff is to book it 10 days in advance. PLUS: As a bonus, we’ll also waive any deposits on storage if you use JHB Removals to move your home or office, etc. – saving you even more on moving costs.