How much do packing services cost?

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How do removal companies pack clothes?

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What’s the best way to pack clothes for moving? How do removal companies pack clothes? And how much will it cost? There’s actually an awesome moving clothes hack involving special boxes and state-of-the-art rails for hanging clothes. Here’s what you need to know.

The problem with folding clothes when moving

How Do Removal Companies Pack Clothes? (And Will They Keep it Safe?)

The best way to pack, state-of-the art hanging rails, and how much it costs. Find out: How do removal companies pack clothes to keep them safe and protected. PLUS: The removal prices near you!

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15 July 2021

When using trusted removal companies, you know you want top-tier services. And that includes wanting them to take extra special care of the often most neglected items during a move – your clothes! No, you can’t always just fold them up, some clothing items are fragile and you can’t risk stains or creases.

That’s why removal companies have special technology to pack your clothes safely for your move.

How do movers pack clothes?

YES! In fact, it’s one of the big reasons to use professional movers – removal companies have the necessary equipment to move clothes properly – see: Should I move myself or hire movers? And What moving company packs for you?

Using specially created boxes with rails, removal companies can help you move and store your clothes upright on hangers and rails. Here’s how it works:

If you absolutely must, you can fold and pack some clothing into boxes (and movers will help move it all for you, of course), but it might be better to use any spare suitcases if you’re packing this way. But note: It comes with the risk of your clothes getting dirty or wrinkled – and who wants to do washing and ironing as soon as you arrive in your new home?

You bargain on prices starting around R2000 and up for a local move (same town/city), and R3000 to R6000 when moving to another city. But it helps to know what impacts the price – how much stuff, how far, and what day of the month all impact the bill. See here how movers and packers charge.

And the best way to know for sure is to get an actual quote – it’s fast, free and there’s no obligation. You can do a quick online one right here, right now…

Do full service movers pack your clothes?

Best way to pack clothes when moving

No, the best way to pack hanging clothes for moving – especially expensive or designer clothing – is actually to keep them on hangers and rails, covered and protected. That way you can easily load and offload the items, plus they won’t get wrinkled, soiled or damaged.

Removal companies use state-of-the-art packing materials to ensure your possessions are kept safe and are packed in an efficient and easily accessible way. At JHB Removals we have special wardrobe cartons that have fitted rails, which means your clothes will stay in the hangers and hung up throughout the removal. 

They are tall and convenient for all types of clothes. It is a quick and easy way to transport clothes and takes a lot less time than folding the clothes up and boxing them.