One of the most important things people want to know when booking a removal service is how much is it going to cost. Moving can be an expensive exercise, so most people try and keep the cost down as much as possible. Get a quote from the removal company you want to use and ensure that it fits within your budget. Do your homework and obtain a few quotes if possible to compare. 

A packing service
Some removal companies provide a packing service. They will use all of their professional packing materials to come to your house on the day of your move and pack up all your belongings for you. This saves you a lot of time and ensures that your belongings are packed as safely as possible, meaning they are less likely to break in transit. If you do want to use this service, you will need to find a removal company that offers this.

What equipment they will use
Before deciding on your removal company, ask them what size trucks and lorries they have available. It is always easier to have just one truck that is the right size for your possessions, so ensure that is an option.

If you do decide to go for the packing service, then ask about what sort of materials they will use. Check that the materials are strong and fit for carrying your belongings. Some removal companies offer special boxes designed to rail clothes, which means you don’t even need to fold your clothes, saving you not only a lot of time packing but also unloading at your new home. 

Which Questions should I ask Removal Companies? What should I look for in a removal company? Do they have insurance? What will and won't the removal company do? When should you take removal quotes? 

What should I look for in a removal company? 

What will and won't the removal company do?

An important thing to find out is whether the removal company has insurance. Many household insurance companies will not cover items in transit, so it is important that they have some insurance in case something happens to or your more valuable items are somehow damaged during your move. 

which questions should I ask Removal Companies? 

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One of the most important things when moving is booking your removal service. The moving company you use could make or break how smoothly your moving day goes. Therefore, you must hire a company that is professional and will handle your move with confidence and professionalism.


11 AUGUST 2021

Do they have insurance?

Most removal companies offer different packages. Your most basic being only the truck and removal of your belongings that you have already pre-packed into the truck, and then offloading at the other end. If you go for a full service, then they will be able to also pack your possessions for you instead and move and unpack all in one day. With this service, the removal company will also dismantle any large furniture that needs to be broken down for transit. If you have any delicate possessions that you believe will need some extra care, then ask the company how they would go about transporting that and plan for that to be done. 

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Which Questions should I ask Removal Companies?

When should you take removal quotes?