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Long Distance Moving Services

Overview of Johannesburg Furniture Removals Long Distance Services 

Step 1 - Quote request & Service explanation 

Jhb Removals track your enquiry from the time of 1st contact whether you make the call or make an enquiry off our website. We try our very best to maintain a professional and quick response attitude so that you first receive your quotation quickly and secondly keep you informed with efficient and timeous responses to any questions you may have. Your Relocation Consultant is responsible for assessing your moving needs, explaining all your moving service options and accurately estimating your costs. Your moving consultant will advise you on potential savings and ensure that you are prepared on how to make your move go as efficiently as possible. 

This stage includes Preparing a detailed inventory of items to be moved. Jhb Furniture Removals have a certain amount of space in the Furniture Removal Trucks and its very important for us know how much space your goods are going to use.   

Once you have received your long distance quotation which could be relevant around any of the South African cities and you are happy with the service and price then the ball is your court. 

Step 2 - Quote Acceptance 

You understand the process and now it's time to make your decision. 
You and Jhb Furniture Removals need to enter into an agreement which presented to you by Jhb Removals in the way of a Quotation  Acceptance letter. This letter will list the removal quote price and the services you may wish to utilise based on the information provided which included a very significant aspect which is accessibility to your pick up and drop off locations. Height, Weight or any other restrictive access issues need to be addressed. Bad accessibility for long distance trucks can cause delays which disrupts the scheduling and causes more costs not only in hourly truck and team rate but it may also require a shuttle service to link an inaccessible address to the truck. All these influences are taken into consideration and explained. All these influences are addressed in the Quotation Acceptance Letter and it's now ready for signing. Once you have signed the Removal Quotation Acceptance Letter then you are ready for the next step.

Step 3 - Scheduling your Removal 

 Long Distance Removals involve large trucks that operate independently between cities. They very rarely check into their relevant depots at their local cities unless there is a storage offload or the need to park while they running there inter city schedules. A typical example would be the long distance furniture removal between Jhb and Cape Town: 

Journey 1 - Long Distance Furniture Removals between Jhb and Cape Town.

The large truck which is usually an interlink truck will spend approximately 2 or 3 days loading at various destinations in Jhb and then begin its journey to Cape Town. This journey usually takes +- 2 days before they arrive in Cape Town provided that there are no offloads on route which may include:

Bloemfontein, Welkom, Kimberley, Graaf Reinet, Beaufort West, Laingsburg, Karoo Towns, Worcester and many other smaller towns that are on route. 

All these factors have an influence on our scheduling and dates. Therefore it's very important to be flexible and understand that it's very difficult for us to commit to specific dates and times. However, we do our best to give you an indication once we understand the truck's schedule which is normally only finalised a day or two before loading. 

Journey 2 - Long Distance Furniture Removal from Jhb and Durban 

Step 4 - Preparing your Move 

Packing & Packaging materialsare services and products that help give you peace of mind. 
Although our moving teams will ensure the utmost care to protect your furniture in the loading, transportation and offloading,  it is still a good idea to use protective coverings to protect your furniture and fragile items.

Labeling all moving boxes and each piece of furniture with coded stickers to help you organise our organisation when you reach your desired destination. 

The day before your move: At this stage, things are getting on top of you with so much to think about and so much to do. Ask your Jhb moving consultant to provide with a checklist of things to do before moving day. These include switching off your freezer to defrost, turning off and disconnecting your washing machine, dish washer etc. 

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Long Distance Furniture Moving Solutions to accommodate all your removal, packing, and storage needs. We offer full pack and wrap and home removals as well as budget share load furniture removals where you only pay for one way and the space you use. Ask your dedicated Moving Consultant on how we can help you provide removal solutions and cost savings for the relocation of your home to any South African City - Safely and Securely. 

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