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How much does hiring a moving company cost? 

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How much does hiring a moving company cost

Removal companies often offer other services that can be taken advantage of. One of these is packing. The moving company will come into your home and pack all your belongings and move you to your new home all in one day. This is great for people who don’t have the time to pack or are physically unable. It does, however, come at a price and will cost more if made use of.

Removal companies also sell packing materials and can give these to you included in your package for an additional fee. If you have furniture that you need help dismantling, then they are also able to help you with that too.

The number of possessions you have
One major factor that will affect the price of the house is how many belongings you have that will need to be moved from one house to the other. Removal companies will normally work this out from how many rooms you have in the house and by asking questions about any furniture or big items you have that will need to be moved. The reason this affects the price is that it could change the size of the truck they use, which costs more to run. It will also take more time to pack away everything into the truck which changes the price too. 

Distance of your move
Another factor that will affect the price of your removal will be the distance between your current home and your new one. It might not affect the price that dramatically unless you are travelling long distance. This is because they will have to factor in fuel costs, breaks for the drivers, and any tolls or other costs along the way. To make long distance moves cheaper you can use a shared load service, where your belongings are put into a truck along with other households. This brings the costs down a lot, but you may wait a little longer for your goods to arrive.

Ease of access
Something that people often don’t think about affecting the price is the ease of access to the properties. If you are moving from, or to, a property that is hard to get to, has a lot of stairs, or doesn’t have parking then it can increase the cost of the removal service, because of the inconvenience caused and the need for a shuttle service.

Time of the move
Summer is a peak time for moving. This means that a lot of removal companies are booked up and very busy. Often during this time removal companies will increase their prices because of this. If you want cheaper removal costs, then try to move outside of peak times if possible. 

Weekends are also very busy for removal companies and that also includes Fridays. Weekdays tend to be a lot quieter so, therefore, a lot cheaper. Removal companies will also favour working in the morning when the weather is cooler, and the traffic is not busy. They will most likely charge more if you want an afternoon or evening moving time slot.

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What factors affect removal costs?​

Moving companies that can assist in Prices of Moving and factors that affect your removal cost. 


Cost of moving home with trucks

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How much does hiring a moving company cost? What factors affect removal costs? Also discover: Additional services and getting a Removal Quote.

Removal company's prices depend on many different factors. The underlying estimates are based on collection and delivery addresses being about +-15 km apart. Please note that all quotes are based on closed moving trucks equipped with blankets, protective wrapping and staff to ensure the safe collection and delivery of your goods.

A mini removal cost around Johannesburg and Guateng can cost anything between R650 to R1200 and 2-hour move in South Africa costs roughly around R1500 – R2500 on average. For a full-day move, it can range anywhere from R3950-R7950. Removal companies base their prices off of various things and they offer different services that could make the price more expensive. All the removals are basedIt is very hard to give an exact answer as to how much a removal company will cost, so it is always best to get a quote and speak to someone directly.   

additional services

If you want to be sure about what your removal costs will be, make sure you obtain quotes from a few moving companies. They will ask you all the relevant questions and be able to give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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