Do I need to be present on the day of removal? 

Yes, Please have yourself or a representative onsite to give direction and check what is to be moved or not to be moved, We are not responsible for anything that is left behind or mistakenly uplifted. 

How many movers will be available for the day of the move? 

It depends on the size truck and move. For long-distance removals, you will have a team of 3-5 people. For a local move a team of 2-3 people. 

what type of trucks do you have?  

We offer a huge range of Trucks, Depending on your requirements we will allocate the right size Truck to you. All our trucks are fully enclosed and we do offer bakkie loads for mini moves. The sizes ranges from 1 Ton, 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 6 Ton, 8 Ton, and bigger. 

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Jhb Moving Company Services provides a comprehensive local furniture removal service in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Gauteng with 6 dedicated removal teams servicing the entire Gauteng & Pretoria regions.
Long Distance Furniture Movers From Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gauteng to all major cities in South Africa.

What is access?

It is the Restrictions on an Estate that only allows a certain size Vehicle into a Premises. This will usually be displayed at the entrance gate of your Premises. We need to know the vehicle Tonnage restrictions before we can work our moving company prices for you. Almost 90% of Estates only allow for a 3 Ton Truck. If the total Volume of your Furniture exceeds a 3 Ton capacity, we will need to use a Shuttle service that can move in and out of your Estate to transfer your furniture from the residence to the bigger truck. This means your Quote cost will increase and exceed your expected budget.

What size truck are you sending for the move/ can we finish in one trip? 

Based on your inventory we send out the Truck based on your volume We need to know if there are any truck restrictions on your side to ensure our Vehicle will fit and is allowed into the estate, if there is weight or height restrictions we would need to know the distance from the gate at the estate to your Premises. If within 40 Meters we can do a carry - If more we would need to send in a shuttle vehicle.

What is not allowed to be transported by your moving company? 

Any flammable or hazardous items are not allowed to be transported. In the event that we may transport a Gas bottle, Generator, Welding Machine or compressor these items must be emptied. We may reserve the right not to uplift these items.

​The following items are specifically excluded from removal as well as the Insurance contract in the event that the mentioned goods are moved by us. If they are moved by us then we do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage of the following:

a. Cash, money, bank notes, stocks and other personal documents, stamps, deeds, precious stones, precious metals, bullion, trinkets, securities, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, cellular telephones, iPads, tablets, TV’s, mirrors, pictures, glass, kindles, laptops, antiques, fragile or breakables, poorly made furniture and articles which are delicate or fragile in nature.
b. Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items.(Includes firearms)
c. Goods likely to encourage vermin of other pests or to cause infestations.
d. Refrigerated or frozen foods or drinks.
e. Any animals including pets, birds or fish (and their cages or tanks).
f. Keys – these must be retained by you.

Should I purchase extra insurance through my regular insurance company? 

It is Recommended to take out cover. Your Insurance Broker may cover it for free if you advise them of your move, We offer insurance at 3,5% to the total value of your goods.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Moving companies are have to plan for space and schedule and therefore need your commitment should you be happy with your moving company price. Please advise us at least a week or two in advance that the removal cannot commence due to unforeseen circumstances and we will refund your booking deposit or postpone your move if we receive a valid reason for the above.  

Should you cancel 24 hours before, or on the day of removal we will charge a cancellation fee to cover our expenses or loss of income.

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Do your movers take care in not damaging my furniture during the move? 

Although we try our best to ensure perfect removals and take extra care, accidents do happen so we suggest opting in for our protective wrapping service or that you ensure proper protective wrapping is done before we collect. We do offer blankets in transit. 

Influences of Moving Companies Prices in Johannesburg , Gauteng, Pretoria & for National Moves

Many removal companies will offer subsidiary moving services like packing + unpacking, storage, protective wrap, dismantling and reassembling and furniture placement too. All these services do take time and manpower which will have an impact on moving company prices.  For Example - The dismantling and reassembling of 3 double beds will cost about R225 just because it would tale approximately 2 hours using 1 person which would need to be allocated with appropriate tools. 

However most removal companies have a basic or budget charge for your furniture removal only where we will provide a budgetary moving cost for uplifting and delivering your furniture to your new address. This will include a moving team, closed truck, blankets & trapping to facilitate a safe and secure removal.   

Some items may require extra protection, such as fine art or antiques, or require the use of specialist equipment. The removal company may have to use more packing material or take more time packing and moving high-value or fragile items. The cost of handling these items will be based on the level of protection they need and the cost of hiring specialist equipment. 
All of the partnered removal companies in our network are insured with Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance.

More Moving Company Price Influences are listed below. 

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Can I pack my own boxes? 

Yes, We encourage you to ensure All loose items are packed in sealed boxes, Our teams have been instructed to not carry loose and unpacked items. All items must be fully packed in boxes and Not overloaded/overfilled/over weight and be manageable. You may also as your consultant if you wish to opt for our packing service.

What if I have more furniture items to load on the day of removal? 

We encourage you to confirm that your inventory is accurate and that you have disclosed all the items needed to load before scheduled pickup. Our team may charge extra for extra items. Please disclose additional volume of goods before collection to ensure space has been reserved for any extra items. 
Any additional Volume will be charged upon upliftment - If Inventory changes was not disclosed at collection we may reserve the right not to load additional volume.

Do you have a damages policy?

The 2nd hand furniture we are carrying is unboxed, irregular in shape, and weight with varying quality. Some furniture is assembled furniture and is not even supposed to be transported in an assembled state. We offer to transport your personal goods of varying quality that is not boxed, irregular in shape, and packed in a confined compact space at your own risk but with the option of insurance. 

The all-risk insurance option is clearly offered for all the above valid reasons in the booking process before and after you book with us. 

We do try our best to ensure that we negate any opportunity for damage but no moving company can be expected to absorb all the risk with the handling and transport of furniture within the context of our risk when carrying 40 to 50 households a week all over the country. 

Having said that, We are serious about delivering the best service we can as often as we can.

How does payment work? 

In order for us to book your removal, we have to reserve space & Moving Truck, therefore we need a booking deposit. The deposit is calculated at 50% of your Removal quote. The balance has to be made 24 hours before scheduled pickup.

How many hours are allocated for the move? 

As much as is needed for the load. Collection takes between 1-2 Hours and delivery 1 hour so including travel I would say 3-4 Hours. 

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Moving Company prices are largely influenced by your inventory but JHB removals will tailor-make your removal to suit your requirements and budget. We need an Inventory to make sure we allocate the right size truck, staff and time that it requires to complete your furniture removal efficiently!

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Do you pay extra for stairs? 

Depending on what floor the stairs are, then yes there will be a carry surcharge. Please advise your consultant of any accessibility issues.

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