How many boxes do you need to move? Based on Cubic feet? Number of rooms in the house? Plus: Get help from a Removal Company, Get a Removal Company to pack for you.

Get a removal company to pack for you

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Did you know you can get a Removal Company that can pack and supply boxes to you? At JHB Removals, we offer packaging services and material for a smooth move.

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 Another determining factor is how many rooms your home has. No one household is the same, which is why you also need to factor in what items you have in each room. If you are a household that has a lot of trinkets and fragile items, you might need to factor in a couple of extra boxes and packing materials per room to accommodate these.  

Once you start planning your move, you need to start thinking about packing up all your belongings to be transported to the new house. You will need to start working out how many boxes you will need for the move in order to pack up all of your possessions comfortably. Unfortunately, there isn’t a solid method to work out exactly how many boxes you will need, but there is a way to estimate, which we are sharing with you to help ease this process and make it as stress free as possible.   

The easiest way to determine how many boxes you will need from your move is to ask the professionals. They will be able to use their own experience and knowledge as well as the above methods to decide how many boxes you will need and what other packing materials might be helpful. Some removal companies will want to come out to the house before packing begins to get an even better idea of what is needed. You can arrange for this to happen if you think that is the best way and they can also show you how to use all the packing materials so that your possessions are safely packed. 

Some removal companies have a service option where they will pack up all your belongings for you. This takes the stress out of packing and allows you to focus on more important things leading up to the move. It is also the safest option as they will know the best ways to pack things quickly and efficiently. They can also help you dismantle furniture and reassemble it at your new home. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of time before your move and won’t be able to do it all yourself. 

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To determine how many boxes you need you can make use of the cubic feet method. For each room find out what the cubic feet is. For a single room, you will most likely need 7 boxes that are 45x45x50cms high. :

How many boxes do you need to move? 

Moving companies that can assist with your Packing needs

Number of rooms in the house

Cubic Feet​

Get help from your removal company

You can have the best packing materials and the correct number of boxes, but none of that matters if you don’t have a great removal service to help transport your belongings. Find a removal company with extensive experience, who are not only great at packing but also very professional and know what they are doing. Having the right removal company can really take the stress away from moving day. At JHB removals we have the best of the best who work hard to ensure that moving day goes smoothly, and any packing is done professionally and efficiently. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today, or give us a call to discuss our services more and what you will need.

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