Moving companies for small loads near you

Yes, you can! Share load (also called part load removals) is a great way to move your goods and save money and the planet! You get to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Moving companies for small loads like JHB Removals offer Share Load to their clients on regular basis. It’s really cost-effective for national long-distance hauls.

Will moving companies move only a single item or a few items?

Not every move is a big move. A small flat or office might only have a few things, or you might only need to move one or two really big things. So you’re probably wondering what it’ll cost to get moving companies for small loads. 

Just as important as having your 
Johannesburg moving companies on board is knowing the different options they have for load transport – whether it’s Cape Town or Johannesburg – so you actually calculate how much it’ll cost and see where you can save.

So what happens if you’ve packed most of your small load into your own car, but still have a few large items you can’t transport yourself? Will moving companies for small loads be able to move only a single item or a few items? Yes, definitely. A company like JHB Removals moves single items or a selected few pieces of furniture. They also offer special packaging and crating services for large fragile objects such as mirrors, valuable wall art, sculptures or chandeliers, even pianos. 


Do Moving Companies For Small Loads Save You Money?

The benefits of Share Loading

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Additional movers storage info

Yes, very! Your load will be compartmentalised and then carefully packed, secured, protected, and managed on the truck to ensure all your goods arrive safely. And it doesn’t matter where you need transport to. It’s available for local and long-distance moves everywhere in the country – one of the most popular routes is small loads from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Is share loading safe?

Can you share a truck to save money on a small move? 

Need a reputable moving company?

How much can fit into one moving truck?

The JHB Removals national route large trucks have the capacity to carry approximately 3 large 4-bedroom houses but 90% of customers' loads are half or smaller than the average-sized 4-bedroom household. 

Do moving companies do small moves? What about moving only one or two large items? We look at hiring moving companies for small loads, share loading & how to save on your move.

Yes! We asked trusted local and national movers about taking care of any move, no matter how small. Here’s what they said: Even small moves are stressful and professional moving companies know this and can assist with moves of any size. JHB Removals for example offers a moving service for households, offices, bachelor pads and even single items. And, they have amazing Mini Removal service teams within Johannesburg & surrounding Towns in Gauteng. These guys really go out of their way to help. Their moving services include packing, storage, packaging supplies and even an after-move cleaning service! 

With share loads, you get to benefit from drastically reduced fees, because multiple clients are sharing the costs.  JHB Removals allows you to take advantage of available space on a truck that is already headed for your target destination. So, Share Load is the most cost-effective and efficient, long-distance, furniture removal service. It’s ideal for small loads which don’t take up much space.

This is a great way for moving companies to move small loads, save money and offer clients the benefits of a professional national route removals team.  
And, you won't have to wait too long, because moves happen twice a week. JHB Removals has a minimum of two trucks traveling between each province every week.  

Can you hire moving companies for small loads?

The best part is that you can get both moving services and movers to store your stuff anywhere in the country. At JHB Removals, for example, we move and store your stuff from Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria to anywhere in South Africa – and vice versa.

So you can book any move, even long-distance, with storage at our Johannesburg moving companies, our Pretoria moving companies, as well as moving companies Centurion and any of our Gauteng moving companies.