Will the movers reassemble the furniture afterwards?

Well, most movers calculate that on how much furniture and how long it’ll take to disassemble. And, since most moving companies charge between R1000 and R2000 per hour, if it’s super quick and just a few minutes, it could cost you only a few hundred Rand extra. If it’s a lot of furniture, though, taking an hour or so to take apart, maybe around R2000. See here: How movers and packers charge.

But there’s no need to guess. You can find out exactly how much it’ll cost with a free quote – it only takes a few minutes, and there’s no obligation! Find out here:

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What type of furniture needs taking apart?

Are there any items a removal service won’t take apart?

Will Movers Take Apart Furniture? (And Take Really Good Care of it Too?)

Beds usually need disassembling. They’re hard to manoeuvre and take up quite a lot of room otherwise. As do wardrobes and dressers, so it’s best to take them apart too. In fact, wardrobes can be quite flimsy when moving around, so it’s safer if they’re packed away neatly.

But, wardrobes and dressers are quite tricky to disassemble, because there are usually a lot more components to them and, as the materials used are flimsier, it can be hard to do it without damaging something. This is why it is worth getting a professional from a removal company to help with this. 

Tables often also need to be taken apart before moving, because the legs are a big risk of getting damaged in transit. And some tables have more complex fittings, which might be worth getting a pro to help with. 

In fact, any modular furniture needs to be taken apart before a move. That can be sofas, couches, shelves – anything that’s made up of several large interlocking parts is safer transported when disassembled.

Yes! Movers will definitely assemble and disassemble furniture, especially furniture that you should take apart when moving – things like bed frames, large tables are not only stored and transported much safer when disassembled, but they also save you space on the truck (and thus save you money!).

And the fact that movers help take apart furniture is one of the main reasons to use them. See more in: Should I move myself or hire movers? Plus: Did you know that movers can also help you pack and wrap your furniture, so it’s super safe for the move? Learn more in our post on: What moving company packs for you?

Should you disassemble furniture when moving?

Yes, some furniture items are safer (and cheaper!) to move when you disassemble them first. Especially things like beds, tables, wardrobes and dressers. But not all furniture needs to be taken apart, so before you invest too much into it, get your removal company to advise you on what’s best for you in particular.

Yes, ff course! Once the truck arrives at your new home, movers will reassemble all your furniture exactly the way you want it! All you need to do is tell the movers where you want it, and they’ll even help put everything in it’s right (new) place.

How much does it cost to disassemble furniture?


15 July 2021

Will movers take apart furniture?

PLUS: Movers that disassemble and reassemble furniture near you

Disassembling and reassembling. Getting it right. And saving money (while keeping your belongings safe!). Our team asks: Will movers take apart furniture? 

It’s just as important as knowing which moving companies you can trust with your belongings. And to find out if movers will indeed take apart furniture, we’re looking at: What type of furniture should be taken apart before moving, what items movers won’t/can’t disassemble, plus: find out exactly how much it’ll all cost. 

Furniture you should disassemble. What it costs. And who to trust. We explore: Will movers take apart furniture? PLUS: How to find trusted movers to disassemble and assemble furniture for your move

Movers might not agree to take apart really specialised furniture pieces like antiques, gaming tables, pool tables or furniture that is glued together in any way.

Did you know you can get reliable movers to take apart furniture for your move AND reassemble it at your new home? At JHB Removals, we gladly disassemble and assemble your furniture. not only that, we’ll even help store your furniture, insure it for you… we’ll even help you pack!

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