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How Moving Companies make your home Removal easier

Your Trusted Furniture Movers in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Gauteng have dedicated removal teams equipped with closed trucks, blankets, strapping and protective wrapping to help you with an affordable furniture removal service. Our removal teams are size-specific and you only pay for the relevant sized removal truck and team. We have various furniture removal teams with various closed trucks from 1.5 tons to 8 tons specifically for local removals in Johannesburg, local removals in Pretoria, and Gauteng. The economy and specifically the property market is fairly strong and resilient in the Johannesburg North region of Gauteng. This bodes well for property decisions and movement and keeps furniture removal companies in Johannesburg like us busy and on our toes. JHB Furniture Removals is now focused on strengthening our presence and removal teams in the Johannesburg North region to accommodate the reasonably high demand for furniture removals in Gauteng & specifically Johannesburg North. 

Some of the details when moving your home and can be very frustrating while trying to juggle work and kiddy responsibility. One excellent way to reduce stress during a move is to ensure you have enough time to start working on moving tasks and packing. Create a Moving task list, write down all the tasks you must finish, and tick them off one by one. Stay Focussed and on point. The last thing you need is to be unprepared when the removal team arrives. Call in for help and Resources and plan accordingly.

​Start De-Cluttering your home - This is a good time to de-clutter and simplify all the small detail in your home. You will be amazed at what you have accumulated and how long it takes to sort out that detail. It may seem insignificant but this clutter absorbs a lot of time, a huge amount of costs and unnecessary stress of where to place these cluttered items once moved into your new home. 

Call your Local Furniture Removal Company. The closer the Removal team is to your area or region the more affordable removal rate you will get due to the close distance. If you are planning a last minute Removal make sure you check with your Removal Company of choice on their availability of your Preferred removal date.  

There are many other challenges that go with moving of your home, Therefore you will need to weigh up the pros and cons. Decide how much work you can take on and how much of the work you can distribute to Family, Friends or even your capable and friendly Movers.

Decide whether you want to do the packing of Boxes, Dismantling of Furniture and protective wrapping of Furniture. Remember these items are time consuming so make sure you ask your Removal Company what services they offer and what Packages they offer for these type of Services. Cheaper moving is not necessarily the best move in terms of time constraints.

Ultimately the decision lies with what you are able to accomplish and what is the most comfortable in your situation. 

From our perspective, we can help you move your home and reduce the stress factor and you might be pleasantly surprised at how little the cost to move your home really is.

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​​Jhb Furniture Removals have now added extra teams with various different sized Removal Truck capacity allowing us to accommodate furniture removals of all sizes. Small Moves and Large Home removals are now accommodated by our friendly removal teams that are local and ready at short notice to provide a friendly furniture removal service for you. Simply complete the above form and a friendly efficient consultant with a reply and provide a quick removal quote after a few questions so that we can understand a little more about your furniture removal requirements.      

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It is no secret that in todays day and age our lifestyle's have dramatically changed. Not only did the Economy change but the way we do business has also changed. Technology has become a large part of our lives and it is for this reason that Moving Companies have shifted their Strategies and ways of doing business to simplify our interaction with our customers to help ease the stress of daily living and challenges that arise when moving your Home or office.

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