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by JHB Removals      CHANGE OF ADDRESS 


who to notify when moving

Change of address checklist

Your employer
Your employer will need to know your new address. This is so that they can change the location they send any payslips or paperwork to. A quick email to HR should suffice in letting them know so that they can change their records. 

Your banks
You need to inform any banks that you use, of your new address. If you use online banking, you should be able to do this online easily. You can also make sure they know your new address by calling them up or visiting your local branch. 

Post office
The post office has a service where you can divert any post that is addressed to you and sent to your old house, to be sent to your new one instead. This will only be in place for a certain period of time, so it gives you the chance to contact any companies or organisations that are still sending post to your old address. You can set this up by either calling the post office or going on their website. 

South African Revenue Service (SARS)
You need to ensure that the South African Revenue Service is aware of your new address. If you have a tax professional, you should inform them, and they will be able to get in touch with SARS for you. You can find out more about how to do inform them of your change of address on the South African government website. 

The Electoral register
Moving location can mean that you have moved out of your voting district and your voting station may have changed. You need to register your new address online. Find more information about this here. 

SABC TV License
You need to report your change of address to the SABC in order to stop paying for the license at your old address and instead be liable to watch TV at your new house. To inform the SABC you must write to them at The Manager, Television Licenses, SABC, Private Bag X60, Auckland Park 2006; or you can email or call them. These details can be found on their website. 

Driving license
Once you have changed address, your driving license will need to be changed. You will need to complete a notification of change of address and fill out some documents. 

Insurance companies
If you have any insurance policies, such as vehicle, household, medical or life insurance, you need to let them know you are moving so that the address can be changed on that specific policy. If it is a household policy, you need to find out whether it can be moved to this new address or whether you want to terminate the contract entirely.

Doctors and Dentists
When moving location, you will most likely need to change which doctors and dentists you are going to go to in the future. Let your current doctors' office and dentist know that you are moving. 

Telkom and fibre providers
If you have a landline you will need to contact Telkom 30 days before your moving date to inform them, you will be leaving your current address. You are able to take your number with you if you request it. You will also need to let your WIFI or fibre company know that you are moving and either request to carry over the account to your new address or terminate the contract. 

Change of address checklist

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Moving house is an exciting time and there are usually a million and one things to do, however sometimes some of the admin elements of moving are forgotten or overlooked. One really important thing that you need to do is notify people of your change of address. It is good to get on top of this beforehand and if possible, make sure you are doing this a couple of weeks before your actual move date. Below we have made a list of all of the people you will need to inform of your change of address.