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Bedrooms are one of the most used parts of the house. It can be difficult to know how to best pack up your bedroom efficiently before your move. Below we discuss the best way to pack up your bedroom and what order you should do things in. .

pack and overnight bag

Clothes are the next thing you should move onto. Start packing out of season clothes, or things that you know you won’t be wearing for a while. Keep some outfits separate for the number of days you have before the move. The best way to pack clothes is in special clothes boxes that have their own rails. You can easily just take the clothes out of your wardrobe, still on the hanger and place them in the box. It stops these clothes from getting creased and saves a lot of time. If you don’t have these special boxes, then suitcases, bags or regular boxes will suffice..

The more time you give yourself to pack up your room, the better. If you are able to start packing up weeks in advance, then make sure that you do. Start with all of the trinkets you have in your room. This could be ornaments, pictures, candles, anything that you can do without or won’t use for a while. Place all of these in boxes, using packing paper or something soft to wrap them up to ensure they don’t get damaged.

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Ensure that you pack an overnight bag of clothes and toiletries for as many nights as you think you will need before and after the moving day where you won’t have access to the rest of your belongings easily. Make sure this is where you pack any medicines you might need and any paperwork that might be necessary for the move.

The last thing you will need to pack in your bedroom will be the furniture that you are taking with you. Your removal company will be able to transport this all into the removal truck for you. If you have furniture that needs to be dismantled, then try and do this before the move date, if possible, to save time. Some removal companies over furniture dismantling services which can save you time and allow you to know for sure that your furniture will not be damaged.

clean and organize



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23 AUGUST 2021

Now a perfect time to sort through you room and clean everything out. Get rid of anything that you no longer need or don’t want to take to the new house with you. Do this as soon as you know that you are moving, so that you have more time to go through it all and sell anything that you think is worth selling. This is a great way to cleanse your room of anything you don’t need before moving.


Assuming you are going to be sleeping in the bedroom right up until moving day, bedding will be one of the last things you pack. Any spare bedding can be put into suitcases or packed away ready for the move. When you wake up on the morning of the moving day, place your duvet, bedding and pillows into a suitcase or a large bag, ensuring that it is closed or at least covered so it doesn’t get messy during the move. For ease, keep your cover on your duvet and pillow covers on the pillows to save time the other side when you need to remake the bed.

How to pack a bedroom for moving home

How to Pack a Bedroom for Moving Home PLUS: Discover how to clean and Organize, How to pack clothes, bedding and Furniture, Also Get a Quote

Start with the trinkets