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Loose items
If you have plenty of loose items, then organize them accordingly. Use smaller boxes and chuck a couple of items in there. Once done pack all the smaller boxes into one large box that way you save space and cost on boxes. Be sure not to over pack or overload the box. 

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According to the Holmes Rahe stress scale for adults “change of residence” is considered a stressful activity and is assigned number 20 in the social readjustment rating schedule. However, Removals should be just as pleasant experience as any other changes in your life, which is why JHB Removals are here to help.

Always ensure you send your Moving Requirements well in advance. All Removal Companies Requires an Inventory list to quote you accurately.

One excellent way to reduce stress during a move is to ensure you have enough time to start working on moving tasks and packing. The last thing you need is to be unprepared when the removal team arrives.

The sooner you provide the detailed list the easier it is to Budget and plan for your removal. Removal Companies cannot give ballpark figures. Quotes are based specifically on your removal requirements.It is imperative that you plan on your preferred removal date to avoid disappointment when you wait too long. Removals are subject to availability by the time you confirm your booking.

If you plan, it gives you ample time to ensure you have packed all your goods and have decluttered your household. By the time you are ready to move almost all your stresses would have dissipated by then. Create a Moving task list, write down all the tasks you must finish, and tick them off one by one.


is facilitated at 1.5% of household value

for up to R100 000 and includes:

Fire, collision, overturning, hijacking, damaged due to incident & theft by force entry.  



is over and above the Goods in Transit Insurance
but it will include breakages which is facilitated at 3.5% of your Household Value. When you opt for this cover we will need to do a compulsory full pack and wrap in order for the insurance to take effect. 

If you have your own household insurance then notify your broker,and they will implement the same cover for free.

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Your local Furniture Removal Prices Includes:

​A Free furniture removal quote

as a starting point to our excellent service.

Our localised Furniture Removal team also provide protective packaging,

packing & storage options

to help you prepare for a pleasant moving experience.

All our trucks are equipped with blankets

and strapping to provide a safe and secure furniture removal service. 

​WHAT is the difference between goods in transit and all risk insurance? 

Make use of Plastic Crates for loose items and label them accordingly so you can find the items easier once you have finally relocated and must pack out. Should you be unsure about the total goods e.g. Box quantity rather give an estimate as the totals can always be adjusted at a later stage. 

All items must be fully packed into boxes and not overweight. It should be manageable if you cannot lift the box yourself then you have overloaded.

Firstly, it is a good idea to try and move on a weekday. Most people book in a weekend removal slot, as they want to minimise time off work. This is understandable, but if you have any holidays left and you can take a day off, it is wise to do so. Removal costs often increase significantly for a weekend service. If you are self-employed and you will miss out on money by taking the day off, try and calculate whether it will be more expensive to move on the weekend or rather juggle your work around.

Peak seasons such as school holidays can also be more expensive.

So, all your clothing items are hanging in your Cupboard, but you can’t keep all the clothes in there. So, take a couple of garbage bags and wrap it around a couple of garments while it is still hanging then secure the bag at the top and pack them into a box. Make sure you buy Double walled Boxes so it can handle the load as Clothing and Blankets can get very heavy. 

Make sure you Declutter your home, a cluttered home will make you anxious and can cause a lot of stress during a move. One great benefit of Declutter and tossing unwanted items is the fact that it will save you costs of removals when you have fewer items. Donate the old stuff you have not used in the last 3 months. 


Transporting plants can become extremely difficult to transport and can easily get damaged in transit if not packed proper. If you have to transport pots perhaps consider which are most important to you and start packing from there. If a pot plant is physically too heavy for one person to lift consider planting it in the garden for the next person to enjoy or donate a plant to a friend. You can also consider transporting them yourself, this way you have more control over how it will be transported.
 Stabilize plants that have hanging leaves or are larger in size with a stake. Place a couple of plants in a open Box or Crate. Make sure you secure the pots with bubble wrap in the spaces between the pots so they don't move around and stay upright. 

Utensils always gets lost somehow and takes up most of the space. Use the Cutlery tray that it usually is in and wrap a couple of layers of Cling wrap around it, that way it stays secure and you can stack a couple of them in a Plastic container or box. 

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How to Minimise your Furniture Removal costs

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The starting point of your Furniture removals Quote begins with the following stages. From initial website inquiry you send in a quote request and your friendly service consultant then sends your a Removal inventory form, if you haven't provided one yet.

The reason we ask for an Inventory form is to Calculate the following in order to provide you with an accurate quote. Please note we don't always religiously follow these steps in accordance but it helps us to ensure we provide the best service possible. Our quotes work with a quick express and if you are happy to proceed we send you a formal quote which has the below mentioned should you wish to opt in for the service available to you. 

Stage 1:

This Inventory form will help you calculate the total volume (ft³) of the household goods you want to move. With this Inventory we need to make sure we allocate the right size truck, staff and time that it requires to complete your furniture removal efficiently!

Stage 2: 

We need to know what the Accessibility issues is like. Are there stairs, lifts, long carry's (over 30m), truck weight or height restrictions? With most Complexes across Gauteng, they have their own set of rules and will advise you at the gate or Security on what size Vehicle is allowed. This is crucial information to us because we need to ensure we book a smaller shuttle vehicle to move the Furniture from a bigger truck into a smaller Vehicle so we can gain access to the complex if the distance from the gate to premises is more than 30 Meters. This can increase your removal cost. 

Stage 3:

​We need to know your Packaging Requirements. Do you want us to pack and supply your Boxes? Do you need specialized wrapping for your Appliances and Furniture items. Do you need Crating done for a large item such as paintings, Mirrors or even a piano? All if these items help us to tailor make your quoting needs to your requirements. 

Stage 4: 

When is your preferred removal date? Do you need a Long distance removal or Local? 

Will you need a dedicated Truck do you want to be part of a Shared load basis for Long distance.

Stage 5:  

Do you need insurance taken out on your Furniture items during transit? This has a big effect on your quoting Preference. Once you take out insurance we need to do a full pack and wrap for the insurance to take effect. We also need a detailed list of items with their Value in order to quote you accurately.

Stage 6: 

​​If more time is required to complete the job, expect higher service costs. Movers will have to disassemble any furniture that doesn’t fit through the doors and will then assemble it at the new address. If you haven’t prepared the heavier items for fast and easy dismantling, this will slow down the movers and time duration of the service will result in higher costs.
Most house removal costs are formed on an hourly basis.

Once we have received all these information it is easier to quote you comprehensively. In most cased we send out a Quick express quote based on your needs and if you have any extra preferences we quote accordingly to the stages above. 

One blanket can take up an entire Box. Instead get a couple of large heavy-duty plastic bags and use your vacuum to suck out all the air so you have flat packed blankets. That way you can have more than one blanket in a box.

Planning your removals well in advance makes your life much easier and will save you on last minute costs incurred. See above influences on what your removal costs are based on for more information.

Cupboards, Dressers or Drawers
Make sure you unscrew all the handles of your cupboards or dressers and invert them (turn them around so it is faced inward) This way you can prevent other items from being damaged. Once you have done this wrap the item in cling wrap, so the drawers do not fall out and tape it down with packaging tape.   


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So, you have a fancy flat screen TV and just realized that you never kept that box that the TV originally came in with. Well luckily most companies do sell TV Boxes along with a mover’s box kit. If you do find yourself in a pinch without a box, then wrap it up in bubble wrap and cover it with at least 5 layers. Once done use an old blanket and secure the blanket with packing tape.

Take a picture of the back of your TV while it is still plugged in so you can remember how to set it up again later. It can be difficult to remember where all those wires go.