What is Share Loading?

JHB Removals have a national infrastructure with large trucks that have the capacity to carry multiple households and loads. We have pooled our resources to offer efficiency and better pricing for all our customers that need small to large households removals. Each truck can accommodate approximately 3 large 4 bedroom houses but 90 % of our customers loads are half or smaller than the average sized 4 bedroom household. 

Share Load is a great way for our clients to move their goods nationally using our coordinative share load network. With share loads, you can benefit from drastically reduced fees that are shared by multiple clients using available space on a truck that is already headed for your target destination. Share loading is cost effective and an efficient long distance furniture removal service.


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The Benefits of Share Loading 

This is a great way to save money while ensuring that you work with a professional focused long distance furniture removal team covering all corners of South Africa - Our main routes include Moving between Durban and Jhb, Pretoria and Cape Town, Jhb to East London and Garden Route as well as from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, Garden Route, and East London. We cover all towns and cities in between these routes as well.

Durban - Cape Town- Port Elizabeth - Mpumalanga - Mossel Bay - Knysna every week 


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Negatives of a Share Load Furniture Removal 

The cost savings is significant and worth the effort but this service does require a comprehensive coordinative effort in order to collect and deliver multiple loads. The truck is large and faces many challenges like traffic and accessibility issues whilst going to multiple addresses to collect and deliver our client's furniture. Clients are asked for a little more flexibility and patience when it comes to scheduling requirements when moving their furniture between regions and provinces.

Slightly longer turn around time due multi collections
Collection - The truck takes 2 to 3 days to collect all the loads from various suburbs in the province(from between 2 to 15 clients)
Traveling Time between provinces can take a few days depending on the route - If you are moving between Cape Town and Jhb then traveling time can take anything from 2 days to 4 days depending if there are offloads on route. Traveling time between Jhb and KZN can take anything from 1 to 2 days 
Offloading - It will take another +- 2 to 3 days to offload all our clients 

Scheduling is dependent on the multiple addresses, we would like our trucks to spend as little time a possible in the traffic and we also schedule the loads according to areas. We don't want to load in Centurion, then Alberton and then have to go back to Centurion. 
Scheduling is coordinated to avoid rush hour traffic times  
Flexibility from our clients is required to accommodate the schedule, variations can happen
​The risk of large trucks running into traffic delays and loading/offloading accessibility challenges are more. Complexes and cities are one of our biggest challenges and that's why we ask our clients to please detail the accessibility at both addresses so we can understand our time challenges for more accurate scheduling  
There is an Increased turnaround time by a few days due to multi collection and delivery addresses involved which does make it difficult to schedule in advance. 

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Part Load Furniture Removals SERVICE from all south african cities
Shared Load removals from Johannesburg
A Focused small LOAD FURNITURE Removal Service for those small to medium MOVING requirements locally in Gauteng & nATIONALLY FROM Johannesburg TO cAPE tOWN , Durban, pe, Nelspruit, gARDEN rOUTE & Nationally





Shared Load Removals South Africa

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Huge Savings on Removal Costs for Long Distance Moving,
We have two trucks traveling between each province every week
Share loading is very safe as we compartmentalise each client, 
Each shared load is carefully packed, secured, protected and managed on the truck to ensure all your goods arrive safely   
Our full spectrum of services and packaging options are available so that all your goods are protected, secured + managed using our blankets, packaging and packing options 
A full inventory is written up upon collection 

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JHB Furniture Removals offer a weekly and unique furniture moving service between Johannesburg, Pretoria & Gauteng to all major cities in South Africa including Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Mossel Bay, and Nelspruit. This unique shared load removal service allows you to move your full home or even a few items of furniture where you will only pay for the space you use and you Only Pay One Way only, Nationally to all South African cities & towns,