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its the accumulation of detail that can make home removals a bad moving experience

Your Trusted Pretoria Furniture Movers in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Gauteng have dedicated removal teams equipped with closed trucks, blankets, strapping and protective wrapping to help you with an affordable furniture removal service. Our removal teams are size-specific and you only pay for the relevant sized removal truck and team.

We have various furniture removal teams with various closed trucks from 1.5 tons to 8 tons specifically for local removals in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Gauteng.


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Detail - Loose items - The little loose items that aren't packed into boxes can be more draining than you think. Each small item whether it be a small pot plant, a diary, an ornament, Valuables, etc will take 1 trip to your car and another trip from your car into your new home. These are insignificant trips but they add up especially if you are going to carry the big bulky furniture yourself as well. 

Many hands make light work - That's a reality when it comes to moving home. We advise you to ask multiple friends or a removal company that has a team of 4 to 7 to ensure the transfer of your furniture is swift and painless. This allows you enough time and energy to focus on the detail which facilitates a more clear organised mind to coordinate your furniture removal into your new home and which minimises the stress that will come with moving home.  

When it comes to moving then a removal company can remove your goods and place them in the correct places in your new home within 1 to 4 hours depending on the size of your move. 

If you do it yourself with one or two friends then this can absorb much of your energy and take you the whole day. leaving you exhausted and unfocused on the rest of the detail that goes with moving your home. 

Accessibility in and out of your old and new home can add to your removal headache especially if there are stairs that are narrow, long walks etc. 

The weight of your furniture saps your energy especially if accessibility is challenging

Packing & Marking your boxes never seems to end, You will soon realise that you have more detail than you realised and this isn't as easy and quick as you think. Go to our Packing Advice Page which will help you pack & organise yourself so that you will know where to put the boxes in your new home. Packing Your Kitchen might be your most challenging and we have a dedicated help page for that too. 

Unpacking can be less stressful, Place the boxes in the right areas and unpack as and when you need the stuff or when you have the time. 

Time to clean your home before the next tenant moves in 

​Organise your Pets - This Needs your specific and focused attention to transfer them

Mind Clarity to take care of the detail like safe keeping & transfer of valuables, passports, pets, transferring addresses for all your mail. Sorting out telephones and municipal accounts etc. 

Moving Companies Johannesburg will help you with your removal from anywhere to Johannesburg or its surrounding Gauteng Towns.

 A free removal quote is provided as a starting point for committed service excellence. Your local Johannesburg Moving Company consultant will respond quickly to your enquiry and will guide you on a quick & easy process to receiving your cost-effective quote. Once you have accepted your quote then your moving consultant will offer you any of our moving company services like packing, storage, insurance & help with any of your packaging material requirements like boxes, bubble wrap or even packing tape to ensure that your furniture removal is done safely & securely.

Our objective as a local moving company in Johannesburg is to provide you with safe and efficient removal of your furniture from anywhere in Johannesburg to anywhere locally in Gauteng or inter provincially to any of South Africa's cities like Cape Town, Durban, PE, Nelspruit. We have removal teams positioned and traveling on routes that even cover the little town in between the big cities. 

 Request your free removal quote & see how much it will cost you?

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These are some of the details when moving your home and can be very frustrating while trying to juggle work and kiddy responsibility. One excellent way to reduce stress during a move is to ensure you have enough time to start working on moving tasks and packing. Create a Moving task list, write down all the tasks you must finish, and tick them off one by one.The last thing you need is to be unprepared when the removal team arrives.

There are many other challenges that go with moving of your home, Therefore you will need to weigh up the pros and cons but from our perspective, we can help you move your home and reduce the stress factor and you might be pleasantly surprised at how little the cost to move your home really is. Try our free removal quotation in any of the below options depending and what type of home removal you require?

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