JHB Removals recommends that you keep certain items with you during the move. These Include: Jewelry, medications, daily toiletries and important documents. Keep valuable or sentimental jewelry with you as you travel to your new home.

What a moving company packs for you, what will movers not pack & what will it cost? Our team finds out for you. Plus: Tips for a stress-free move & find a recommended packing and moving company near you

The best part is that you can get both moving and packing services, plus we disassemble and reassemble furniture, and store your stuff anywhere in the country. At JHB Removals, for example, we move, pack and store your stuff from Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria to anywhere in South Africa – and vice versa.

So you can book any move, even long-distance, with packing and storage at our Johannesburg moving company services, moving company Pretoria, as well as Centurion moving company and our moving company Gauteng.​​

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Expect professional packers to wrap and pack whatever you have left in your house, quickly! And, remember, you’re paying for every item wrapped, packed and transported. So, if you no longer want or need certain things, toss them or donate.

A company like JHB Removals will tailor-make your quote based on your packaging requirements.

They ask: 

  • Do you want us to pack and supply your boxes? 
  • Do you need specialised wrapping for your appliances and furniture items? 
  • Do you need crating done for a large item such as paintings, mirrors, or even a piano?

What to do the night before you move

by JHB Removals      MOVING TIPS

What will movers not pack?

Pack Valuables And Essentials Separately. 

For packing services you can depend upon, you want to look for a full-service moving company. Take JHB Removals for example, specialists in local, national and international moves of all sizes. The service includes packing, protective wrapping – of either just your chosen items or full wrap and pack of your entire household or office. 

The best thing about using JHB Removals is that the service is safe and affordable.  Even better, they’ll do it at short notice. So even if you were planning to pack on your own and then things get on top of you, you can always call in the experts to come help. 

JHB removals has been rated on Hello Peter as one of the best companies in South Africa. They have years of experience and the crews are highly trained. PLUS they have an excellent track record with long lists of satisfied clients. 

You’ll find these services in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria and surrounding towns & cities and they’ll move you across South Africa OR EVEN INTERNATIONALLY to your new location. 

What To Expect When A MovING COMPANY PackS For You

You’re moving home, exciting right? OK, and also super stressful. Your to-do list goes on and on and on. And then, to make things worse, everyone keeps asking: “Have you started packing yet?” And what if you haven’t?  Who could blame you with all you still have to do before handing over your current house to new owners? 

But it doesn’t have to be this stressful. Because you can ask: What moving company packs for you?

And the answer, of course, is your full-service
Johannesburg moving company.

What To Expect When A MovING COMPANY PackS For You

  • Switch off your freezer to defrost
  • Empty your fridge and take out the loose shelves
  • Disconnect your washing machine and drain the water
  • Disconnect your dishwasher and drain the water
  • Disconnect all electronics including TV, Hi Fi's, microwaves, desktop computers etc.

What Moving Company Packs For You?


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Additional movers and packers info

Find a packing and moving company near you

Movers will not pack anything that is not allowed to be transported. So, any flammable or hazardous items will not be part of a load. JHB Removals says, In the event that they may transport a gas bottle, generator, welding machine or compressor, these items must be emptied. They may reserve the right not to uplift these items.

Firstly, you can expect the movers to bring all the packaging and protective materials. Hurray! Now you don’t need to go scrounging at the back of your local supermarket. Expect the packers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They’re trained to pack up an entire household in a fraction of the time it would take you. 

You can rest assured fragile items such as glassware and china will be expertly wrapped and safely packed. The same goes for wall art and mirrors. If you have large or unusually shaped items like a piano or a chandelier that need special packaging such as crating, the packers will see to that. Antiques will receive the same careful attention.

Packers are also experts at dismantling large, heavy, unwieldy items for safe wrapping and transport. They will reassemble at your destination. What a relief for you! You can also expect the supervisor to keep an inventory of the items packed. They will also label boxes according to the original rooms in which the items were found.

Remember also that there is unlikely to be any dispute about a moving company paying for damages if they have packed your items themselves. Packers can also help you unpack at your new home. All you do is tell them where the items need to go. 

What about the empty boxes? No need to worry. Packers will ensure that all the wrapping and boxes are cleaned away. 

Declutter before the packers arrive