What Size Cardboard Boxes are Best for Moving?

There is plenty to do and plan when you are moving house. One of the most important tasks on your list will be packing. Before you do this, you need to gather all of your packing materials and cardboard boxes. What types of boxes are best for moving? Below we discuss the different types of cardboard boxes you can get and what are best for moving house.


30 AUGUST 2021

what size boxes are best for moving

What Size Cardboard Boxes are Best for Moving? PLUS: Discover Different types of cardboard boxes, What size boxes are best to use? What to do with the boxes after you have moved

You will need different boxes for different types of belongings. You shouldn’t be buying only large boxes and placing everything into those. There are several different factors you need to think about before choosing which box you need for what item you are packing.

For smaller, heavier items, such as boxes and electronics, you will need to use smaller boxes. If you use large boxes, then you will either overfill it and not be able to lift it or you will only be able to use a small amount of the box and there will be a lot of empty space. This can cause damage to the box and could cause the items to get damaged too. 

Medium boxes can usually be used for most of your belongings. Make sure you are filling up the whole of the box, not leaving any large gaps. Before you fill it up completely, keep checking that the box isn’t getting too heavy. Do not overfill the box so that you aren’t able to close it. If you have open boxes in the removal truck they might spill everywhere, causing damaged or lost belongings. 

Large boxes can be used for larger, lighter items such as bedding, cushions, clothes, throws, blankets, towels, and pillows. Make sure the box is taped up and closed correctly so that these contents don’t get dirty in transit. Before getting large boxes, check their dimensions to see if they will fit through your door frames and into the vehicle you will be transporting them in. 


What to do with the boxes after you have moved 

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What size boxes are best to use? 

Single-walled cardboard boxes are lightweight, whereas double-walled boxes are a lot stronger. Double-walled boxes are better for house moving, due to their durability and because they are strong enough to be stacked on top of each other without breaking. It also means they are better at holding items without breaking, keeping belongings safer. 

You can also buy wardrobe boxes which are tall boxes with a hanging rail inside, which makes transporting clothes that are normally hung up a lot easier and efficient. You can simply place your hanging clothes inside and your clothes will be left crease free when you are unpacking on the other side. 

Different types of cardboard boxes

Once you have moved you will have plenty of boxes that will just be taking up a lot of space in your house for no reason. If you know someone else who is moving soon then save them for them. You can also take the boxes to a recycling centre or put them up on Facebook Marketplace or sites like that. .