• You may have to hire a truck – which means paying a deposit, taking out insurance, filling/re-filling the fuel tank. And, remember, you need to have the right type of driver’s license to even rent it in the first place. Also, if something goes wrong, you’re liable not only for all your stuff but also legally for replacing/repairing the truck too (a “cheap” move can easily turn into a millions-of-Rands-worth-of-debt exercise.
  • You may land up with medical bills if you injure yourself. Lifting heavy boxes and furniture puts you at risk for back and joint  injuries as well as hernias. 
  • You may damage walls, floors, carpets and furniture in moving and incur costs.
  • You may not be able to move certain items down or up stairs or around corners. You may have trouble moving items from an apartment with no lift or a lift that’s too small. In this case, you may have to pay to bring in a professional with a crane or hoist. 
  • You have to make sure you’re covered by insurance as you move your belongings and drive the hired vehicle. Oh, and are you licensed to drive a large moving truck? Or will you have to pay a driver? 
  • Will your insurance cover injuries to anyone who may be helping you move? 
  • You are going to have to spend a lot more time on packing and unpacking than if pros were doing it for you.
  • You have to source packing materials that are sturdy enough to protect your precious belongings. Beware of used cardboard boxes from the supermarket – you could be bringing cockroaches or other pests into your new home. 
  • Do you have a plan to move mirrors or light fittings?  A professional moving company would usually build a crate for such items.
  • Do you know how to properly pack/stack a truck efficiently and safely?
  • Do you have a strategy for keeping inventory of your stuff, to make sure nothing gets lost during the move?
  • This list can go on and on and on ....

​​If you’re asking: Should I move myself or hire movers, you’re asking a very important question. Moving costs money, and property is already expensive. But we all need and want the ideal home. So, for almost all of us, moving home is a very big (and hopefully not too expensive!) reality. At least from time to time.

Now, just as important as knowing which are the best 
Johannesburg moving companies, in case you do need help, there’s a lot to consider before deciding whether to hire movers VS do it yourself in the first place. So we’ve compiled a list of pretty much all the things to take into account when planning a move either using the pros or going the DIY route.

Why might someone choose to hire movers rather than a DIY move?

Is it cheaper to rent a truck or hire movers?

3. The safety of your home

When you move heavy things around you risk damaging walls, floors, doors, windows and of course your furniture and fittings. A DIY move usually means less manpower and often a higher risk for damage to buildings and items. A professional moving company provides and lays out protective coverings before moving objects that could damage walls, floors, doorways and other areas. 

Also, to move heavy items, the pros use specialized equipment such as straps, dollies, pallets, hoisting cranes and furniture sliders. All these make a move safer by lowering or eliminating the risk of accidental or negligent damage caused by losing control of a heavy item. 

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1. The safety of your belongings

Using moving companies means efficient, streamlined moves

Need a reputable moving company?

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4. Your safety (and health)

Driving a huge truck filled with boxes and items of furniture is not something to be undertaken lightly. What happens if it's raining? What about excessive traffic conditions? What about maneuvering this huge thing in and out of small driveways and tricky parking spaces? It’s not a job for your average driver.

Actually, it’s pretty dangerous. The professionals are trained to handle all these tricky situations. And, they’re insured! Your goods will also be insured in transit as that’s part of what moving companies offer.  

Lifting heavy things is a danger to your back and joints such as knees, shoulders and elbows. And, there is an increased risk of a hernia. Professional moving companies do all the heavy lifting and shifting for you. This is safer for you, your family, and any friends you might be thinking of roping in. They will certainly thank you for opting to hire a moving company. 

Is it better to move yourself or hire movers

Saving money. Doing it right. And the best option for you! We ask: Should I move myself or hire movers, find out if it’s really cheaper to rent a truck and go DIY & compare the pros, cons, and costs when moving

Moving a safe can be dangerous for the inexperienced and unprepared. And, without the proper equipment or plan, trying to move a safe can lead to serious injuries. And what about damage to floors and walls? Moving a safe by trying to drag it or shove it is likely to damage floors and walls. 

Finally, trying to move a safe without professionals and the correct equipment is an unnecessary and costly waste of time. 

Bottom line: It takes highly skilled and expert movers to move a safe. 

So, appoint a reputable moving company that is qualified to move bulky objects such as safes. 

Moving companies near you

In most cases, using professional moving companies goes way beyond bringing in a crew with muscles and a truck. It means a safer, more streamlined and efficient move and always less stress for you. Using  a reputed moving company makes your move safer in every way:

Is it cheaper to rent a truck or hire movers?

Should I Move Myself Or Hire Movers?​

It depends. Renting a truck for a day may or may not be cheaper than hiring one of the professional moving companies – it all depends on who you rent your truck from because vehicle rental has become incredibly expensive these days because of all the extras: deposit, insurance, excess, fuel refilling, licensing requirements, etc. But, the main thing is that the truck (transport) is really just a tiny part of what a move actually requires. Remember, there are always hidden costs to a DIY move.

Let’s face it. If you’re like most people, this question is mostly about saving money. No one really wants to deal with the stress of packing, heavy lifting and shifting of huge bulky furniture. Oh, and don’t forget, you may have to disassemble and then reassemble some big items. And then you have to figure out how to move the stuff from your old home to the new one.

That means hiring a truck, loading and unloading it. Then you have to unpack all the boxes and move furniture around at your destination. It’s a lot. And it’s stressful.

But the big thing is that when you move, you already have so much to do besides all the “heavy” stuff. Aren’t you sorting out your bills, prepping and planning your stuff, sorting out clothes, researching new schools, traffic routes to new offices, etc. already? All while still working a full day, except for the one or two days you can take off to do the actual move.

If you think about all the psychological pressure that comes with a move, do you really need the extra organizational and physical pressure, too? That’s why, for most people, hiring moving companies to take care of the physical and logistical part of the move is worth every cent.

Moving is hectic. It takes planning, it takes up huge amounts of time and you still have a job and a family to care for. Why not streamline? Moving companies can save you hours, if not days or even weeks of stress and effort. They have the training and the equipment to do the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They’ll pack, load and relocate you in record time. When the pros take care of the move, you’re free to take care of all the other stuff. Now you have time for all the paperwork, trip-planning, preparing for life in a new suburb/town and saying goodbyes.

2. Driving safely

Did you know you can get both moving services, storage and movers that can move your safe to and from anywhere in the country? At JHB Removals, for example, we move and store your stuff from Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria to anywhere in South Africa – and vice versa.

So you can book any move, even long-distance, with our Johannesburg moving companies, our moving companies in Pretoria, and even our Centurion moving companies or Gauteng moving companies.

Should I Move Myself Or Hire Movers? Making The Best Choice For You

​When considering a move in Johannesburg, the decision between DIY moving and hiring professional movers like JHB Removals often boils down to factors like convenience, safety, and cost-efficiency. Moving by yourself might seem like a cost-saving choice initially, but it comes with the demands of packing, heavy lifting, and transport logistics. On the other hand, hiring a service like JHB Removals offers peace of mind, ensures the safety of your belongings, and can be surprisingly cost-effective when you account for potential damages or mishaps in a self-move. For a hassle-free relocation experience in Johannesburg, hiring movers is often the preferred choice.