There are 7 key things that an estimator has to take into account when quoting on the cost of moving your household belongings:

  1. The quantity and size of the items you want to move. This means you have to be accurate when you fill in the inventory form. This is so the moving company can allocate a truck with enough capacity to carry the entire load. 

  2. Goods have to be insured in transit, so the size and value of the load are key. It impacts the cost of insurance and the overall cost of the move.

  3. Do you need your packing to be done for you? If so, remember this requires expertise and it takes time. Professional packing will add to the overall moving cost. Delicate items like mirrors, valuable art, or light fittings, for example, may require specialised packaging or crating at additional cost.

  4. If your home is not easy for a truck and moving team to access, the move could take longer. Time is money, so expect a higher quote. 

  5. Your moving date also affects the cost. Move at month-end, when most leases and property transfers occur, and you’ll pay more. Expect higher quotes for moves between the 25th and the 3rd of the month. Many removal companies give discounts for mid-month moves as these are often downtimes. 

  6. Distance is a big factor that should come as no surprise. Petrol adds to the cost.

  7. Do you need help with dismantling and reassembling large items of furniture? If yes, expect an additional cost as this requires more time and maybe specifically trained crew members.

How much will your move cost? Let’s start with what is the average cost of removals in South Africa. PLUS: All the variables that can make it more or less expensive & you can get a FREE online quote right now, so you know for sure!

What is The Average Cost Of Removals & How Can You Save More?

How do movers charge?

The 6 key cost factors you should know. PLUS: 2 bonus tips to save you money. You’ll find a complete breakdown of the things that go into quitting your move in our post on how movers and packers charge.

What is the average cost of removals?

How much does it cost to move house in South Africa on average?

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7 Factors that affect the cost of the typical move

by JHB Removals      MOVING COSTS

To answer this question, let’s start with a basic average cost for a man and a removal van. This is calculated by the hour. (Remember this does not include other services, like packing, unpacking, assembling and dismantling among others.)  A bigger truck with a crew will by necessity cost more. 

Extras to remember

Need a reputable moving company?

How much will your move cost? Let’s start with what is the average cost of removals in South Africa. PLUS: All the variables that can make it more or less expensive & you can get a FREE online quote right now, so you know for sure!

How to save money on the cost of your move

What is the average cost of removals in South Africa? It depends on how much you’re moving, to where & the average per-hour cost of your moving company. 

Just as important as choosing a reputable company to do your

Johannesburg removals, you need to know how they charge, so you plan better and save on your move.

You can bargain on between R1 500 to R8 000 for removals of an average 2-bedroom flat, depending on how much stuff there is and where you’re moving to. And maybe how accessible the flat is. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Hiring time                                     Estimated rate

2 hours                                      R1 500 – R2 500

4 hour                                        R2 200 – R3 500

6 hour                                        R2 750 – R4 750

8 hour                                        R3 250 – R6 750

Full day                                      R3 950 – R7950

Well, actually professional moving companies do offer ways to save on moving costs.  Mini moves and shared moves are just some examples.

Why pay for a huge removal truck when you only have a small amount of furniture to move? We agree, that’s why we offer a mini furniture removal service in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We eliminate the high cost of large trucks and teams and dispatch smaller removal vans and teams suited to your removal requirements. Essentially, we tailor our removal service to your budget and moving agenda for a stress-free move. It’s quick, cost-effective, timeous, and efficient.

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Ask about mid-month discounts!

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