Food and Water bowls

Whilst you are packing your removal truck up, your dog is going to need somewhere to sit and rest. Keep their dog bed in your moving day dog kit, so that they have that source of comfort. This can also be useful when you eventually put them in the car to go to the new house and will be a part of their regular environment for them when you arrive at your new home too.

by JHB Removals     What to put in your moving day dog kit

12 October 2021

 a toy to play with

On moving day, the doors of your house will probably be open quite a bit, whilst movers are getting your things into the truck. This means there are a lot of opportunities for your dog to escape. Having a crate that you can put them in whilst your belongings are packed up is very handy and can help you avoid having to shut them away in the car or a room where they could become frightened.

packing your moving day dog kit

You will need their food and water bowls to still be out in the morning so that you can feed them when you usually do. It is a good idea to pack these in your moving day dog kit, as they can come in handy throughout the day so that you can provide your dog with water and snacks if they get restless or hungry en- route to your new home.

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Collar and leash

Moving day can be a very stressful time for everyone and this also includes any pets you may have. With boxes all over, your usual comforts packed away and new smells and people in and out of your home, your dog can feel quite a bit of stress. To avoid this as best you can, there are a few things you can do to make the day go as smoothly as possible for your dog. Below we have outlined what you should have in your moving day dog kit.

Invest in a crate

 your dog's bed

What to put in your moving day dog kit

Make sure you have their collar and leash on hand. This will be particularly helpful when you need to move them around on the day and keep them away from people helping move belongings into the removal van. 

If it is possible, it is a really good idea to take them out for a long walk in the morning. This will ensure that they are exercised for at least the first part of the day and they will get to release some energy. Dogs that are tired are happier and more content than if they have too much energy, so make sure that you have your dog's collar and leash handy so that you can do this. It will also be important to have easily available when you get to the new home so that you can take them out for a walk when needed.

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It is a great idea to keep some dog treats with you on moving day. Not only can you reward your dog if they are being good, but you can also distract them or get their attention if you need to. This is likely to happen with a lot of new people in your home and the new environment that your furry one finds themselves in.

Dogs can often become extremely restless when they aren’t getting any attention and are left to their own devices for a while, so it is a great idea to have at least one toy in your dog moving day kit. Try to find something that they can play with alone or something that brings them comfort and will calm them down. This will also act as a comfort blanket for them when you get to the new house, and they are overwhelmed by the new environment and the new smells.