Moving from Durban to Cape Town ? 

We at Jhb Furniture Removals are quick on our feet and are able to accommodate Large & Small Removals for households, offices, bachelor pads & even single items to Cape Town & other South African cities. 

Household Removals, Flats, Small Moves & Offices to Cape Town

Jhb Furniture Removals are service driven and we tailor make your removal service to fit your budget & moving agenda for a stress-free move. We offer an efficient removal service for large & small removals, storage as well as a complete packing service that adds to a refreshing moving experience. Our moving service includes Furniture Removals, Packing, Packaging Supplies and even an after move Cleaning Service. Speak to your moving consultant for more on how we can help you organise your move to & from Cape Town. 

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How much does it cost to move from Durban to Cape Town?

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Average Cost of Relocating to Cape Town from Durban

 Moving to Cape Town ? 

Jhb furniture removals have 2 scheduled and 1 unscheduled truck moving furniture from Durban to Cape Town every week for regular efficient furniture removal service.  Packing service, protective packing materials & Storage are also available to help take the hassle out of your removal.

Removal quotations are Free & Quick. Get your local , long distance or office removal quotation now with quick & professional moving service.

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How long does it take from Durban to Cape Town?

The journey from Durban to Cape Town, purely in terms of distance, is roughly 1,600 kilometers, which typically takes about 16 to 20 hours of driving time. However, when considering a move, the timeframe can extend. Factors such as the size of the truck, the volume of items, rest breaks, and road conditions play a role. JHB Removals prioritizes the safety and security of your belongings, ensuring timely delivery without rushing, typically spanning a couple of days to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.

Cost Table
Residence Type Price
1 Bedroom House/Flat/Apartment R 6,000
2 Bedroom House/Flat/Apartment R 9,000
3 Bedroom House/Flat/Apartment R 11,500
4 Bedroom House/Flat/Apartment R 13,000

Relocating from Durban to Cape Town can present a range of costs depending on various factors. The size of the move, the distance between pickup and drop-off points, and any additional services such as packing or special handling for fragile items can influence the final quote. With JHB Removals, clients can expect competitive pricing, tailored to their unique moving needs. It's advisable to get a detailed estimate from JHB Removals to understand the cost breakdown and ensure a smooth and budget-friendly move.

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Moving from durban to cape town

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Cape Towns is affectionately known as  “The Mother City” and possesses an inspiring natural beauty which is supported by efficient service delivery that drives new and established industries such as tourism. Many of Cape Towns attractions can be found and described on Popular Towns in The Cape. The Mother City which was once labelled and reliant on its Holiday City status can now be proud on how it is and has evolved to develop other creative niche industries.

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A moving company that will take care of all your moving needs when moving from jhb to cape town. loads are shared & you pay for only one way

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