The best part is that you can get both moving services and movers to store your stuff anywhere in the country. At JHB Removals, for example, we move and store your stuff from Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria to anywhere in South Africa – and vice versa.

So you can book any move, even long-distance, with storage at our Johannesburg movers services, Pretoria movers, as well as movers Centurion and any of our Gauteng movers.

Insurance will add to your overall cost but will save you if anything goes wrong. Once you take out insurance packers must do a full pack and wrap for the insurance to take effect. They also need a detailed list of items with their value in order to quote you accurately.

Any items not specified on the inventory that gets uploaded on moving day are seen as extra volume. ​Extra volume poses a big challenge especially when load adjustments are done last minute. The movers and packers will charge for longer hours at the loading point. Worse, they may have to return to the depot and repack these items in a bigger truck. Then, they have to re-quote the entire move. And sometimes, they may have to bump off another client from the removal truck to secure the goods of the first client. This causes a domino effect on other bookings. This increases costs, so expect a surcharge!

What makes a move cheaper, how you can avoid falling into surcharge traps and how to plan a move that costs less. It all starts with knowing how movers and packers charge. PLUS: A free quote to get you started. 

by JHB Removals      MOVING COSTS

If you’re happy to move mid-week, you could save on movers and packers charges. This is because weekend wages for workers are higher, making weekend moves more costly. The same goes for month-end, everyone moves at month-end, so prices are higher. Move during the lull at mid-month and your cost could well be reduced.

Know How Movers and Packers Charge & Save On Your Move 

Where will the movers be collecting your belongings from and where are they dropping them off? Places that are hard to access increase the cost of a move.

Is your property higher than the ground floor? Are there steps? Is there a lift?  Does the team have to carry loads for more than 30 metres? 

What about accessibility for the moving truck or van? Narrow streets limit access for large moving trucks. And, usually, complexes have their own set of rules about the size and weight of vehicles allowed into the grounds. Find out from your complex security office about restrictions on vehicle sizes. A smaller shuttle vehicle might be needed to move your furniture from a bigger truck into a smaller vehicle and vice versa if the carrying distance is over 30m. This can increase your removal cost.

We all know time is money, so ​​the longer it takes to complete the job, the more movers and packers charge. If movers have to dismantle large unwieldy items and then reassemble them at the new address, that’s an extra cost. If you haven’t prepared the heavier items for fast and easy dismantling, this will slow down the movers, and the time duration of the service will result in higher costs.

How long will the move take? 

It all starts with the question: What? Movers need to know what they’re moving. Reputable movers like JHB Removals for example provide an easily accessible online inventory form you can fill in. This Inventory form will help you calculate the total volume (ft³) of the household goods you want to move.

It’s really important that you fill the form in accurately, because the quality of your move depends on it. Movers use the inventory to ensure they allocate the right sized truck and enough staff to do your move efficiently. Movers and packers like JHB Removals calculate the charges based on the time needed to load your belongings according to the inventory.

Do you need a long-distance or local removal? Costs per kilometer are obviously a factor and the further your load has to travel the greater the movers' charge. But did you know you can save on long-distance furniture removals with a part load removal service? If you don’t need a dedicated truck and are willing to share with other clients, you get to benefit from drastically reduced fees. JHB Removals allows you to take advantage of available space on a truck that is already headed for your target destination. So, Share Load is the most cost-effective and efficient, long-distance, furniture removal service. It’s ideal for small loads which don’t take up much space.  

What is a surcharge on packers and movers?

Need a reputable moving company?

Save on moving costs? The key is knowing how movers and packers charge. And then, a little bit of planning can go a long way to make your home move a lot easier – especially saving you on any last-minute costs. 

And planning begins with knowing what you’re moving and how much it will cost. We find out from topJohannesburg movers, how they charge and share all the factors that influence the final cost of your move.

Accessibility – To and from Where

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Inventory – What needs to be moved

How Far Are You Moving? 

The cost of insurance

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