its the accumulation of detail that can make home removals a bad moving experience

Start De-Cluttering your home - This is a good time to de-clutter and simplify all the small detail in your home. You will be amazed at what you have accumulated and how long it takes to sort out that detail. It may seem insignificant but this clutter absorbs a lot of time when it's time to get your home ready to sell and relocate to your new home. 

Dismantling of Furniture and Disconnecting Washing Machines & Dishwashers- Isolate the bulky furniture that needs dismantling like beds, desks, tables, pictures etc . This needs special management so that your goods arent damaged in transit or are too bulky to fit through stairs and narrow doors. Jhb Furniture Removals do provide a service but please notify your dedicated furniture removal consultant so that they are prepared with the right tools. Disconnect washing machines and dishwashers the day date before your move to avoid the water from running all over the truck and wetting your personal goods whilst your removal team transports your furniture. You should even turn of your freezer the day before if you have ice build up.

Keep Valuables Isolated & Safe - Moving your home is very stressful and it can be disorientating and valuables are often misplaced. Try and keep all these items like Id'd passports, keys, wallets, purses, and personal papers in one isolated area that is safe and secure. This helps you keep a clear mind when moving your home.  

Pet Care and their Relocation - Organise in advance the transfer and well-being of your pet on moving day. This can be traumatic for them as well so be try to move them before or after your move but ensure that safely secured in a safe area These are important proactive issues to ensure that you maintain mental clarity and focus on moving day,

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The economy and specifically the property market is fairly strong and resilient in the Johannesburg North region of Gauteng. This bodes well for property decisions and movement and keeps furniture removal companies in Johannesburg like us busy and on our toes. JHb Furniture Removals is now focused on strengthening our presence and removal teams in the Johannesburg North region to accommodate the reasonably high demand for furniture removals in Gauteng & specifically Johannesburg North. Jhb Furniture Removals have now added an extra team with a 7-ton closed removal truck capacity (This accommodates a house that is approximately 3 or 4 bedrooms). Joburg Movers now have 4 teams which range from small 1 ton to 8-ton truck removal tracks allowing us to accommodate furniture removals of all sizes. Small Moves and Large Home removals are now accommodated by our friendly removal teams that are local and ready at short notice to provide a friendly furniture removal service for you. Simply complete the underlying form and a friendly efficient consultant with reply and provide a quick removal quote after a few questions so that we can understand a little more about your furniture removal requirements.      

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Your Trusted Furniture Movers in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Gauteng have dedicated removal teams equipped with closed trucks, blankets, strapping and protective wrapping to help you with an affordable furniture removal service. Our removal teams are size-specific and you only pay for the relevant sized removal truck and team.

We have various furniture removal teams with various closed trucks from 1.5 tons to 8 tons specifically for local removals in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Gauteng.

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These are some of the details when moving your home and can be very frustrating while trying to juggle work and kiddy responsibility. One excellent way to reduce stress during a move is to ensure you have enough time to start working on moving tasks and packing. Create a Moving task list, write down all the tasks you must finish, and tick them off one by one.The last thing you need is to be unprepared when the removal team arrives.

There are many other challenges that go with moving of your home, Therefore you will need to weigh up the pros and cons but from our perspective, we can help you move your home and reduce the stress factor and you might be pleasantly surprised at how little the cost to move your home really is. Try our free removal quotation in any of the below options depending and what type of home removal you require?

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