There are a number of factors influencing the cost of your furniture removal. Some are fixed, others are variable.

Furniture Removal service providers calculate your quote with a number of factors considered. Some of these costs, like fuel and salaries are obvious to the layman, but there are other removal costs which are not as apparent.

These include:

Inventory of Goods to be relocated
Not only in terms of volume, but the type of furniture to be moved. The volume is one of the biggest influences as this determines how much space you utilise in a part load removal service or size of truck for local moves. Obviously the the more furniture you have the bigger the removal team (more staff) to accommodate more goods. 

The accessibility of the property.
There are many homes in complexes and on steep hills. This makes it difficult for our trucks to get close to your n=home and avoid long carrying distances? Is the pick up point at ground floor level or is it necessary to consider multi-level access where we have to use stairs or lifts? These factors influence the time a move takes. 

Moving Date
By its nature, occupation and vacation of residential properties tend to occur at the end of the month. This leaves a void during the middle of the month but all our trucks & staff at full capacity at the end of the month. Saturdays , Sundays and public holidays also have an influence on wage costs. 

Traffic is an unavoidable challenge for us all which influences the time it takes to cover any distance. Naturally, the further the pick-up and drop-off points, the greater the time consumed.


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Online Moving Company Prices and The Influencing Costs in more detail

Online Inventory of Goods to be Relocated

The accuracy of your quote depends on you supplying the furniture removal company with as much detail as possible. It is therefore essential to have an accurate inventory of items to be moved.  

This inventory affords the Furniture Movers a better understanding of factors such as:

Number of staff required for the move
The size of the truck to be allocated to effectively complete the move
Estimated uploading and offloading times 

Tips to Creating an Accurate Online Inventory

The factors mentioned above have significant influence and an accurate inventory allows your removal company the tools to provide an accurate quotation on which you can rely and budget accordingly. More importantly it also allows your Furniture Movers to plan accordingly so that your move is done efficiently.

To assist in this, Furniture Removal companies provide various furniture inventory options aimed at assisting and prompting you of every item to be considered. Detail is key and these inventory lists are invaluable to you and your moving company with the objective of reducing the stress that comes with moving and ultimately provides an efficient & successful relocation.

An Accurate Online Furniture Inventory ensures the following:

Your furniture Removal Company can make a fair assessment  and provide you an accurate removal quotation. This saves time and reduces adjustments to quotes later.
Better budgeting and choice of Furniture Removal Company

Organisational: Recognised as one of the most stressful events to you, the inventory helps deliver peace of mind as you focus on all the other surrounding challenges that you face when moving your possessions in this tumultuous time.

 Address Accessibility is of Utmost Importance

The residential landscape of South Africa has changed over the last few decades with a large proportion of residential homes now being built in a communal environment such as townhouses and complexes.
This means greater restriction of space available, not only into terms of width, height and turning areas, but weight too. Flats, apartments, lofts and offices are burgeoning and are most relevant to this consideration. Factors such as lifts, stairs and distance to be covered carrying furniture to remotely parked vehicles are hugely influential in terms of time and manpower required to complete the move by the removal company.
Stating in context of costs, your removal company needs to properly understand the costs per hour of dispatching a truck and team completing your move from your collection to delivery points.

If there is a long carry distance of over 40 m then there JHB Moverswill most likely have to dispatch a shuttle option which will incur more resources and therefore costs. 

Moving Date

Property transfers and lease agreements all occur at month-end and it is of vital importance that your furniture removal is booked and confirmed well in advance.

There is a natural trough in bookings during the middle part of the month when the Furniture Removal Companies have extra capacity available, which means you benefit through better rates. It is simple scales of economy where a subdued period in the month is subsidised by the busier times and you can benefit if your move is flexible. The month’s peak starts around the 25th when demand for Furniture Movers grows exponentially and tapers off from around the 3rd of the following month.

Removal Distance
No one begrudges businesses making a profit in a fair and equitable transaction and removal companies with their variable costs such as fuel are susceptible to undervaluation. The cornerstone of a good removal company is accurate costing to ensure longevity while providing a trustworthy, cost-effective and quality service. This service includes vehicle maintenance and proper staff training. Management of your possession is of paramount importance and staff requires ongoing training to ensure that your possessions remain prized and not devalued. The accurate calculation of removal distance is important too ensuring ample provision is made for time, personal and running costs.

A comprehensive understanding of their running costs per kilometer is essential in the effective operation of a furniture removal company. This should extend to as far as the per day, no per hour costs of running a vehicle, and the accompanying team. If this cost is effectively-identified, you the client benefit through a fair and equitable quote without hidden costs


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